By Car

The festival will be held at the Port Hedland Turf Club, which is located on McGregor Street.

If you are arriving by car, please follow the signs to the entry gates. For those travelling from South Hedland/Airport/Broome follow the signs and turn right at Cooke Point Drive. For those arriving from Hedland along Wilson St, turn left into McGregor Street then follow signs that divert you to the parking gates.


Please, please don’t drink and drive! We want you to enjoy yourself and to get home safely. Take a bus, get dropped off or arrange a skipper, but please don’t drive to the festival if you are planning to drink. Police will be conducting random breath tests at the conclusion of the event. Remember you can camp at the festival and avoid any dramas.

The pick up and drop off point is located at the Civic Centre, across the road from the Turf Club.