Camping Tips

You will be camping next to your cars so you will be able to bring what you need in your car and have a place to lock your valuables. However, please be considerate of other campers and travel light. Leave at home the roll out futon and fridge-sized esky and just bring a small tent, light bedding and personal items.

Here’s a list of things you should bring:

  • tent (including a fly sheet)
  • sleeping bag
  • hat, sunscreen
  • a bath towel
  • jumper (it will get cold after dark)
  • wet weather gear (come prepared for all weather, remember though – no umbrellas)
  • some comfy enclosed shoes
  • a torch (with charged batteries)
  • sealed water bottle (please drink lots of water)
  • mosquito/fly repellent
  • enough cash to get you through the festival
  • a padlock for your tent

Please don’t drink too much and be aware that you may still be over the limit the next day. Police may be breathalysing after the festival so beware!

Please help us keep the campground clean and dispose of your rubbish in the bins provided around the campgrounds.

Please use the rubbish bags which will be provided to you when you enter the campground, and deposit your rubbish at the bins provided.

If you have a medical or security issue, or have any questions, please seek out one of the security staff or first aid staff in the campground.

Bring only your credit or key card you will need for the weekend. Leave all valuables and unnecessary cards at home.

Don’t leave personal effects and valuables inside your tent. Security personnel and North West Festival camping staff will undertake regular patrols of the camping area. The Town of Port Hedland and the festival organisers will not be responsible for damaged, lost or stolen items.